DO NO HARM Leadership Certification Program

 January 12-14, 2022

“DO NO HARM” Gives 5-Steps to Align Police Actions with Communication and Organizational Values. 

Build Strategy in Law Enforcement Organizations. 

DO NO HARM Leadership Certification Program


Based on our breakthrough book, DO NO HARM, a Leadership Certification is now available. Written to help bring hope to law enforcement organizations and the citizens they serve, our book cuts to the chase about police and community cooperation and values. Co-authored by a police chief, the book identifies five proven, actionable steps to engage the community, address issues of importance to the community, improve community relations, develop leaders of the future and reduce critical incidents.


First, the steps inspire the identification of values that the police and the community have in common. From there, the process underscores the importance of a strategic plan that incorporates those values with the vision of all concerned. With excellent communication, team accountability, and recognition of each success the result is a culture of understanding, resilience, and partnership for the greater good, a Performance Enhancing Culture”.


The book’s co-author, Mark Ziska, said, “This seminar is about creating a performance-enhancing culture that honors each person and aligns your organization to the strategic plan.” Police chief, Ramon Batista shares a wealth of proven information about what it takes to inspire a team to protect and serve their community, to improve the profession, and make policing a part of the solution. Together we outline practical measures that, when implemented, will result in a maintainable reduction in critical incidents.


In sunny warm southern Arizona you will:

·       Expand your personal & professional network.
·       Connect with like LEO professionals and community leaders.
·       Learn, understand & apply the principles of DO NO HARM.
·       Engage with the authors, ask your questions.
·       Build bridges between law enforcement and the community.
·       Understanding your leadership role in the new decade.
·       Challenges of 21st Century Law Enforcement, your 2025 Priorities.
·       Understand and practice Values-Based Leadership.
·       Understand and practice Community Engagement.
·       Challenge stereotypes.
·       Explore equity, fairness, and social justice.
·       Explore union and employee associations' roles and responsibilities.
·       Understand competencies in law enforcement.
·       Build competencies in your organization.
·       Building your Strategic Council, your guiding body.
·       Identifying your Values and your organization's Values.
·       Identifying your Vision & Mission.
·       Articulating your Strategic Goals.
·       Build your strategic plan to achieve DO NO HARM.
·       Prepare your own “cloud-based” People Assistant strategic plan.
·       Add personal time to explore the high desert, historic Tucson or play golf. 



     $2500/organizations with 3 or more $2250 each.


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     Seminar facilities are the University of Arizona Faculty & Community “Sands” Club, located on the UA campus at the football stadium overlooking the campus, the football stadium, and the beautiful Catalina Mountains.

    Includes: DO NO HARM book; all course materials; workbooks; your personal or team strategic plan and accountability software; a hosted welcome event; 2 days breakfast; 2 days lunch; snacks; and a celebratory dinner included. Accommodations are available at our reduced rate within walking distance of the stadium.

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    Presented By 


    Ramon BatistaPolice Chief of Santa Monica

    Ramon has 34 years of experience in policing, he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Safety and Homeland Security and a Master of Science degree in Leadership from Grand Canyon University. The former Police Chief for Mesa, AZ PD, is a Fellow at the National Police Foundation, a current member of the Police Executive Research Forum, PERF; and a graduate of the Senior Management Institute for Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy and many others.


    Mark D ZiskaChair of the Arizona State Personnel Board

    Mark currently serves as the Chair of the Arizona State Personnel Board as the human resource industry representative to the five-member state board. He’s also the former Senior Director (VP) of Human Resources for Raytheon, the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of advanced missile and directed energy systems.



    Law enforcement should embrace a guardian rather than a warrior mindset to build trust and legitimacy both within agencies and with the public.

     – Val Van Brooklin


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