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New Book, “Do No Harm” Gives 5-Steps to Reduce Critical Incident Use of Force by Law Enforcement Organizations

Tucson, Arizona – February 1, 2021 - Written to help bring hope to law enforcement organizations and the citizens they serve, a newly-released book cuts to the chase about police reform. Co-authored by a retired police chief, the book gives five proven, actionable steps to curb police brutality and improve community relations. First, the steps inspire the identification of values that the police and the community have in common. From there, the book underscores the importance of a strategic plan that incorporates those values with the vision of all concerned. With excellent communication, team accountability, and recognition of each success the result is a culture of understanding, resilience, and partnership for the greater good.

The book’s co-author, Mark Ziska, said, “This book is about creating a performance-enhancing culture that honors each person. As a retired police chief, Ramon Batista shares a wealth of proven information about what it takes to inspire a team to protect and serve their community, to improve the profession and make policing a part of the solution, not the problem. Together we outline practical police reform measures that, when implemented, will result in a maintainable reduction in critical incidents.”

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About Ramon Batista:

Ramon Batista retired chiref of police with over 34 years of policing experience, having held every rank and leadership role in a police organization. He has led a Large Cities Police Department. Ramon is a Fellow at the National Police Foundation.


About Mark Ziska:

Mark Ziska is an executive business coach and author. He is certified in organizational change and retired from a human resource executive with Raytheon. He has experience with leadership development and organizational transformation with Fortune 500 companies to law enforcement agencies. 


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