Those Who Hold the Line and Protect Our Values

Think for a moment, there currently are about 25,000 National Guard troops and another 10,000 law enforcement officers in the Nation’s Capital to protect the president, national officials and our democracy from domestic threats. They are brave men and women holding the line to maintain our democracy. They are away from their families and normal jobs so that our nation and liberties prevail.

Last week we witnessed an insurrection at our Capital. But more importantly we cannot forget, we witnessed a demonstration of the strength of the good men and women who under attack from their own countrymen stood to do their duty, live their values and protect the lives of elected officials and citizens at the Capitol. Capitol officers were threatened, beaten and have since lost lives. We honor CPD officer Brian Sicknick who died from injuries sustained while on duty.

Tomorrow we will witness a demonstration of our national values, that vision of our united democracy and the peaceful transfer or power. Anything less only feeds division. It’s time to come together for all to live our values and to Do No Harm.

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