An Opportunity to Us to Improve Policing


Ramon Batista & Mark Ziska

The public is demanding that police leaders acknowledge all the shortcomings and move with urgency to fix them. Defunding the police is not the solution, and hopefully we are beyond that movement. From experience we know the answer is in the development of a sound strategic plan, hiring for values, character, and heart of service. We believe that good funding leads to diverse recruiting, hiring and most importantly better training.

Based on our experience, our time and the results we have had in a major city police departments, we know our strategic planning system works. We also know that one of the most important strategies to create a successful department is hiring for lived values and a heart for service, followed by other strategies that include: training your departments, holding officers accountable, and then creating and implementing a detailed strategic plan with accountability for all initiatives, projects, and training/ performance skills. We’ve done it. We’ve seen the results and now we want to help other departments achieve the success we’ve had.

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