Do No Harm Discussions

  • Active Bystander for Law Enforcement, A Conversation with Dr. Joel Dvoskin

    ABLE and DO NO HARM complement one another and creates a system approach. Both short term tools to change the odds for offices and create alignment from the chief to patrol or patrol to chiefs. A great coach once said I can’t wish a victory, I can only prepare you for success. We both work together, hand in hand to increase the probability of success.
  • Mark Ziska with Earl Ameen, Grey Owl Podcast
  • Those Who Hold the Line and Protect Our Values

    Think for a moment, there currently are about 25,000 National Guard troops and another 10,000 law enforcement officers in the Nation’s Capital to p...
  • 5 Steps to Achievable Police Transformation

    Successful leaders all have one thing in common, they have vision, strategy, communicate the strategy and hold others accountable. They take the time to think. And they operate with a plan. Our approach to leadership is a simple and proven 5-step approach.
  • Reflections On 2020 With a Police Chief

    So much has happened throughout the course of 2020, what started out as a new year, filled with hope and endless possibilities, was in truth wrought with struggle and challenges beyond what many of us has ever faced. For police officers, being forced into the spotlight, their challenges are particularly fierce.
  • A Starting Thought on Law Enforcement Organizational Values

    When you consciously identify and choose strong, positive values, you are also choosing a life that is more purposeful, both personally and organizationally. Not identifying your values is like  not identifying your skill sets. Personal values offer a critical source of direction for everything  you do.